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At Swan Haus, we know that your interior design brand and website aren't only meant to look good or house a collection of photos. They're supposed to be winning over your dream clients, communicating your unique expertise, and streamlining your sales process.

We'll help you make that happen.


You're in the business of creating functional, beautiful spaces.

Because helping entrepreneurs build a lasting legacy is way more exciting than helping Honda sell more cars.

100+ clients later, i've created a proven process to help you build a brand that works while you don't.

With a degree in Communications and Advertising, I've always loved a great blend of creativity and logic. I was working as an Art Director at an ad agency in LA when my husband and I found out we were pregnant. *instant mindset shift* I went from living for the weekend to living for my legacy.

From Los Angeles ad agency to Arizona entrepreneurship

Working with Katie exceeded my expectations!

My brand and website was in need of a refresh, and what Katie has built has helped with a more professional look that pairs well with the work we do. Speaking one on one with Katie throughout the process was most helpful, and my favorite part about working with her was her personality!

stephanie kraus designs

stephanie kraus

Meet Katie

founder & creative director

As a Type-A Creative (a rare breed), I've always been drawn to the middle ground between logic and creativity. I suppose that's why I found myself earning a degree as an Art Director in Advertising - the perfect mix of sales, strategy, and clever artistry.

After finding out I was pregnant, I sought a new creative challenge - one that would allow me to build my own legacy while spending as much time as possible with my future little darlings.

I started my own company in 2019, and now, 100+ one-on-one clients later, Swan Haus is proudly bringing brands to life online and off - for charming interior designers who share the same commitment to legacy, excellence, and all things beautiful. 

When I'm not making magic on my Mac, you can find me playing dress up with my toddler daughters Nora and Penny, watching The Office with my handsome hubby, organizing something, or sneaking in some newborn snuggles (our baby boy joined us in January!).  

Enneagram 3
List Obsessed
Fluent in The Office
Holiday Enthusiast
Morning Person
Loves Jesus

Swan Haus:

a style, a speciality, a legacy

Swans symbolize beauty, grace, and wisdom, reflecting our strategy-led and aesthetically guided approach to brand and business development. They also represent motherhood, a profound source of inspiration for both our team and our clients.

The term "Haus" is an ode to our team and the interior design industry, with just a touch of personal significance (what can we say - we love adding a little storytelling magic and meaning to every brand!). It honors the memory of my late grandmother, who spent some of her final years in Germany, and whose legacy of hard work and love continues to inspire.

At Swan Haus, it's our pleasure to elevate your brand into one driven by strategy, infused with beauty, and honors your unique story and legacy. What are you waiting for? Let's make some magic!

Your Brand Elevation Awaits.

it's time to level up.

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